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Veg industry reassures consumers

Fresh and prepackaged lettuce products that fall outside those lines that have been recalled are safe for consumers to eat, with vegetable grower group Ausveg assuring consumers that they can have confidence in their food products.

“With Australian growers adhering to some of the most stringent food health and safety practices in the world, produce on supermarket shelves has been rigorously tested to ensure consumer safety,” said Ausveg National Manager – Scientific Affairs Dr Jessica Lye.

“Australian QA standards are recognised throughout the world as being of the highest quality, and Australian produce is renowned internationally for this reason.”

“Given the significant amount of leafy vegetable products that are on store shelves every year, food safety incidences are exceedingly rare, and the food recall system has been swift and effective in responding to this isolated case.”

“There is a large number of growers around the country who supply leafy vegetables and Australian consumers can be confident that all other Australian produce outside of the recalled lines is safe for consumption.”

The producer of the recalled lines, Victorian-based Tripod Farmers, is working with the Victorian Department of Health and Food Standards Australia New Zealand and has issued a voluntary recall for all affected lines.

Tripod Farmers is working with all of its customers, including retailers and beyond, to ensure the recall is implemented effectively.

“The number one priority for Tripod Farmers and the Australian vegetable industry is the safety of its consumers, and this has been reflected in the quick and comprehensive response to this outbreak,” said Dr Lye.

“The Victorian Department of Health has advised consumers not to eat the prepackaged food products in question, indicating consumers should either return them to their place of purchase for a refund or throw it out.”

“Industry urges consumers to heed this advice.”

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