NRA launches free rostering tool to help retailers with award compliance

Retailers will have free access to an online tool to help ensure they meet their legal obligations to employees, following the launch of the Roster Coster product by the National Retail Association and technology provider Rision Ltd.

NRA Chief Executive Officer Dominique Lamb said the release of the Roster Coster follows a series of high-profile prosecutions in the retail sector related to the underpayment of workers.

“We know that the General Retail and Fast Food Industry Awards can be difficult for employers to navigate, with penalty rates, allowances and age-based wage rates all adding to the complexity,” Ms Lamb said.

“That’s why the NRA has teamed up with Rision Ltd, one of the nation’s leading creators of human resources management software, to provide the Roster Coster for the retail sector.

“And, as part of the NRA’s commitment to representing and supporting the entire retail sector, Roster Coster will be available free of charge to all retailers.

“Roster Coster will not only help business owners to comply with their legal obligations to their staff, but it will also help to maximise efficiency and optimise staff deployment across your business.

“We know that the overwhelming majority of retail employers work very hard to do the right thing by their staff. But we also know that award requirements are complicated, and there are severe penalties for getting it wrong.

“Roster Coster is a free tool that will give retail employers peace of mind that they are getting the best value from their human resources budget and staying on the right side of the law.”

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