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Public exhibition of proposed changes to mine subsidence districts

The Mine Subsidence Board (MSB) has initiated a review of mine subsidence districts (districts) across New South Wales.

Changes to districts are proposed to ensure consistency, reduce unnecessary costs and mitigate potential mine subsidence risks.

A number of different changes are proposed including new districts, extensions to current districts and revoking some areas.

Areas that are proposed to be revoked present minimal risk of subsidence and do not justify the costs associated with the increased regulatory requirements that apply to development.

In most cases, extensions or new districts are proposed in areas where development has progressed over the last decade.

Including these additional areas will allow the MSB to effectively mitigate subsidence damages to buildings and other structures.

Properties outside of proclaimed districts are not required to attain MSB approval for development applications.

All properties across New South Wales, regardless of whether they are included or excluded from a district, are eligible for compensation in the unlikely event that mine subsidence damages occur.

The MSB Chief Executive Officer, Katherine McInnes, said that the review of districts is a positive move for the community that is being driven by the MSB’s commitment to improving its services.

“This review will provide more certainty and better protect the community against the risk of mine subsidence, while reducing unnecessary red tape for out of date mine subsidence districts,” she said.

The community is encouraged to submit feedback on the proposed changes. Community information sessions are being held across New South Wales throughout August 2016.

This provides community members with the opportunity to meet with an MSB representative, understand the proposals in detail and ask any questions directly.

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