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Food for thought on aviation industry training issues

Feature image: Minister Chester with REX pilot cadets.

The Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester has urged the aviation industry sector to develop strategies to attract more women into flying, engineering and other senior roles in the industry.

Mr Chester said the important aviation industry report Aviation Workforce Skills Study has been released, addressing ways to improve safety and efficiency, and highlighting the low number of women in the industry.

“The report found that the number of women in the industry, not including flight attendants, was as low as ten per cent,” Mr Chester said.

“It also identified the need for an industry-wide approach to workforce planning, and strong international opportunities for Australian aviation training providers.

“The report offers a challenge for both the government and the aviation industry to develop practical and workable solutions to overcome any shortfalls in the supply of professionally trained staff.

“In looking to the future we need to find ways to attract more young people, including women, and deliver affordable and accessible pathways for them to achieve their training requirements.

“This report is important to the future of an industry estimated to have added more than $15 billion to the Australian economy in 2015–16.

“The findings will now be considered by key industry stakeholders and the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE) in the context of the General Aviation Study.

“I look forward to working with the Department of Education and Training and our stakeholders to develop solutions that will ensure that the supply of quality trained aviation professionals meets the future demand.

“Delivering this study fulfils a key election commitment of the Coalition’s Policy for Aviation.

“While the Australian Government will provide a formal response to the study, I am looking forward to working in partnership with industry to help address skills and training issues,” Mr Chester said.

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