The future of Australia’s transport systems is connected

Image credit: Transport and Main Roads Queensland

Technology is transforming transport and its evolution is continuing at a rapid rate.

Today, terms like Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) are commonplace in science and technology circles, whereas, only a few years ago, they were unheard of.

Access to mobile technology has heightened consumer expectations with commuters, and public and private transport users, demanding real time, instant travel information.

Governments, business and research institutions across Australia are also transforming the way they utilise technology to improve safety, efficiency and sustainability.

The view of transport is now much broader. Cars, vehicles, roads, infrastructure and private/public transport are still at the heart of freight and personal mobility. However, increasingly, industries previously considered fringe, aligned or even futuristic fall under the ITS umbrella.

Experts in solar power, gamification, spatial analysis, drones and even the Southern Hemisphere’s first hyperloop project will meet in Brisbane for the Australian Intelligent Transport Systems Summit (27-28 September 2017), along with ‘traditional’ transport industries to examine and explore the implications of transforming transport.

Australia’s national research centre iMOVE CRC and the peak national body for the Intelligent Transport Systems, ITS Australia, are at the forefront of promoting the development, deployment and adoption of transport technology. The ITS Summit will connect the whole industry together to consider Australia’s transport networks and shape future transformations.

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