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Major projects kickstart 1,500 young careers

The Victorian Government has created more than 1,500 opportunities for apprentices, trainees and cadets to help shape Victoria’s biggest projects and give them the skills they need to build their careers.

Victorian Minister for Industry and Employment Wade Noonan inspected construction works at the Metro Tunnel site in A’Beckett Street and met young engineering cadets who are bringing the project to life.

Crews at the A’Beckett Street site are digging 11 storeys below ground to construct a new underground station at CBD North.

The Metro Tunnel is the largest public transport project in Victoria’s history and will create nearly 7,000 jobs for Victorians – including at least 500 apprentices, trainees and engineering cadets working as part of the Tunnels and Stations package.

The project has already found jobs for 52 apprentices, trainees and engineering cadets who have completed around 50,000 labour hours since September 2016.

Young people are getting a start on our biggest projects thanks to the Victorian Government’s Major Projects Skills Guarantee.

The guarantee requires contractors on projects worth more than $20 million to use local apprentices, trainees or engineering cadets for at least 10 per cent of total labour hours.

It’s already been applied to 30 major government projects worth more than $14 billion. A further 56 projects valued at nearly $26 billion will be applying the guarantee over the next two years.

The Government is getting on with the job of building the projects that Victoria needs, creating and protecting jobs, and giving young people the opportunities they deserve.

Source: Vic Government

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