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Pacific Seeds corn demo plots. Image courtesy of Pacific Seeds
Pacific Seeds corn demo plots. Image courtesy of Pacific Seeds

Farmers capitalising on high grain prices by planting a corn crop this season will benefit from a generous credit system being offered by Pacific Seeds.

Farmers will be given a twenty-dollar credit from each bag of Hybrid Corn Planting Seed to go towards Precision Planting equipment.

Pacific Seeds Managing Director, Barry Croker is expecting many farmers to take up the offer.

“We combine some of the best genetics from around the world to derive unique hybrids. The corn range is adapted to a wide range of hot, dry, tropical and sub-tropical regions.”

Owner of Precision Seeding Solutions, David McGavin said this shows Pacific Seeds are interested in getting the best yield outcome for farmers.

“Pacific Seeds recognises that planter performance is a big part of getting a top end yield. We have equipment that can be retrofit to existing plant and equipment that improves the spacing and germination of corn seed.

“You can’t change what you can’t measure. We have excellent monitoring systems that allows farmers to do that, so if they have an issue they can do something about it.”

Mr McGavin said the drought has driven up grain prices, making corn a much more viable planting option this season.

“The grain price is extremely high, so a lot of growers have switched from cotton to corn in 2018 to capitalise on that.”

Both Precision Seedling Solutions and Spot on Ag are participating Precision Planting dealers in this initiative.

The program runs until the 28 February 2019.

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