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Council scopes regional renewable hydrogen opportunity

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The WA Government’s newly established Renewable Hydrogen Council, which will meet for the first time, is focused on opportunities for Western Australia to capture a share of the global demand for clean energy.

The WA Government is looking at how to capitalise on WA’s vast land and renewable energy resources, including wind and solar, to deliver renewable hydrogen to export markets.

The council, a collective of government (State and national), industry and other representatives with significant renewable hydrogen industry expertise, will be led by WA Regional Development Minister Alannah MacTiernan.

Members have been drawn from the Office of the Minister for Energy; Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development; Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation; Australian Gas Infrastructure Group; ATCO Gas; Woodside; ENGIE; Hydrogen Mobility Australia; CSIRO; ARENA; Yara; and Jackson McDonald.

As a fuel, hydrogen can be used in similar ways to natural gas. In simple terms, it can be burned, used to create electricity, or stored for future energy generation or export. When made using renewable energy such as solar or wind, hydrogen is a carbon free fuel as, when burned, the only by-products are water and heat.

The council will deliver its recommendations in early 2019.

Source: WA Government

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