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Ai Group Defence Council, AIDN (National) and Defence Teaming Centre in Defence Sector SME Partnership

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The Australian Industry Group Defence Council has signed MOUs with the Defence Teaming Centre (DTC) and Australian Industry and Defence Network Inc (AIDN National) to collaborate on the development and capacity building of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) within the defence sector. As part of the individual agreements, the DTC and AIDN National will formally join Ai Group’s Defence Council National Executive.

The agreements will see the organisations working together more closely to boost Australian defence industry competitiveness as well as advancing local SME involvement within the defence sector.

“Supporting our SMEs is one of the most important objectives of Ai Group’s Defence Council, which is why I am pleased to be working with both AIDN National and the DTC. Both these organisations have proud records supporting and promoting SMEs in the Defence industry,” Andy Keough, Chair of the Ai Group Defence Council said.

“In particular I look forward to collaborating with our partners on the development of our new Defence SME Forum, which is in the planning stages, and will be focussed on SME policy development for the benefit of our locally-based defence companies,” Mr Keough said.

The Deputy Chair of the Ai Group Defence Council and SME representative, Mr Chris Williams, said “These initiatives are designed to support the Federal Government’s investment in defence projects and will help ensure SMEs are deeply engaged in this national endeavour.”

Source: Ai Group

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