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iMOVE has signed its latest, and perhaps most ambitious project, with the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities (DIRDC). The Freight Data Requirements Study project is looking to identify and articulate the data requirements of the freight and supply chain sector, a step toward making Australia a world-leader in this area.

iMOVE and its partners in this project are undertaking it to address aspects of improvements the freight and logistics industry can make, to inform the Federal Government’s National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy, acting on the recommendations in the industry-led Inquiry into National Freight and Supply Chain Priorities.

The objectives of the project are:

  • Identification of the freight data required for both governments and industry to improve freight-related planning, operations, and investment decision-making
  • Identify what part of those requirements can be satisfied from existing data collection processes, and what additional data would be required
  • Explore how necessary data might be obtained
  • Explore how the freight data should be stored, analysed, and disseminated

The other crucial component of this study is to understand the circumstances under which companies would be prepared to share data. With a fair an open approach to data sharing, there is a higher degree of success in achieving optimal visibility in the supply chain. iMOVE covers just how crucial this in our article, Where’s my box? The case for improved supply chain visibility. Now!

Get involved

The more consultation and buy-in we have from the industry on this, the more chance we have of seeing Australia as possessing the most efficient, most visible, supply chain in the world.

For further information on this research study or to be involved in the consultation process with iMOVE please use the email address or phone number below.


tel://+61 3 9948 0450

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