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EIS paves way for new Fraser Range discoveries

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Exploration companies are actively drilling the Fraser Range, north-east of Esperance, following a significant copper-zinc discovery by Independence Group (IGO).

Diamond drilling, at IGO’s Andromeda prospect, intersected zinc-bearing sulphides in metasedimentary rocks and opened a new search space for base metals.

The discovery marks a change of focus in the area, which previously concentrated on the mafic rocks where the famous Nova-Bollinger nickel-copper-cobalt deposit is located.

The find was supported by the WA Government’s Exploration Incentive Scheme’s (EIS) co-funded drilling program and pre-competitive geophysical data.

Continuing collaboration between exploration companies, such as IGO and the Creasy Group, with the Geological Survey of Western Australia and Minerals Research Institute of WA has resulted in a greater understanding of the Fraser Range tectonic setting.

Source: WA Government

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