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APMS Storage Tank Services providing complete industrial storage tank solutions

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A newly formed division – APMS Storage Tank Services – has been launched to provide a comprehensive and complete range of storage tank solutions. We have merged our expertise and skills from our Acid Plant Management Services and APMS Engineering companies to create a specialist storage tank division.

APMS STS specialise in providing technical consultants, project managers and technical teams for a range of services including inspections, maintenance, repairs and major and minor alternations to industrial storage tanks and associated piping, predominantly for the chemical, petroleum and oil and gas industries.

The company has more than 15 years’ experience in inspection, design, construction and project management services covering all types of storage tanks and associated pipe spooling, as well as cleaning, repairs and maintenance to existing facilities.

APMS STS provides innovative solutions for tank remediation projects and can conduct alterations and repairs to tank shell plates, tank shell materials, floor plates, foundations, correction of settlements, and can execute repair of rank bottoms, fixed roofs, floating roofs and floating roof perimeter seals.

APMS STS also provides advice regarding tank remediation’s for floor or sidewall breaches, oxidisation or corrosion damage, buckling, dangerous settlement levels and the removal or relocation of storage tanks.

In addition, the company also offers expertise in the design and engineering of storage tanks and associated pipe spooling as well as fabricating storage tanks and associated piping.

APMS has in excess of 150 existing weld procedures and can also qualify new weld procedures. It provides coded welding to Australian and international standards.

The company can also deliver a range of tank cleaning services, including tank cleaning and degassing including hydro-blasting and dry ice blasting, hazardous chemical tank cleaning, cleaning and unblocking connecting pipework and drains and heat exchangers.

Dave Osman, General Manager, says: ‘We are one of the leaders in our field and offer a unique end-to-end service. We aim to reduce operational cost, minimise tank downtime and extend the life cycle of tanks, improve tank operations, evaluated developments and trends to ensure best practice in order to deliver increased levels of efficiency, safety and tank integrity.’

Source: APMS STS

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