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Improving gender balance and diversity

The transformation of BlueScope in recent years has resulted in a more diversified business.

Mark Vassella, Bluescope Managing Director and CEO said, “In recent years we have increased the emphasis on diversity and we have focused initially on improving our gender balance.

“During FY2018 we have made significant gains across all levels of our Company: one in three new recruits in operating roles is female, we have doubled the rate of hiring women to all roles across the Company, and women now comprise 33 per cent of our Board and Executive Leadership Team.

“Every business, in every region, has made a determined effort and contributed to this change which is actively reshaping our organisation and building the Company we want to be in the future.”

Diversity and inclusion

We continue to work towards our diversity and inclusion goal: That our workplaces reflect the communities where we operate.

We know that a talented workforce is a competitive advantage and believe that workforce diversity and inclusion best leverage that advantage: A diverse BlueScope workforce generates a breadth of perspectives and ideas that makes us more agile and creative.

We are better able to anticipate and respond to customer needs and to change, and to leverage difference as a source of innovation.

An inclusive BlueScope workplace understands and accepts why diversity makes good business sense and makes people feel safe and confident bringing their full self to work and full potential to the job without any fear of judgement, bias or discrimination.

We want people to feel they have opportunities for personal growth and that working with us fits well in their career and life goals.

Attract and retain talent

To attract capable people, we are ensuring our recruitment programs target and draw from the whole community.

To retain our people, we are building a culture that genuinely honours, nurtures and creates opportunities for increased capability and performance.

Increasing female representation

Like many other heavy manufacturing organisations our workforce has been historically male-dominated at all levels.

In pursuing our diversity and inclusion goal, most initiatives focus on a Company-wide priority to attract more women to BlueScope across all job levels and locations, and a more deliberate and comprehensive inclusion strategy to engage and retain our people.

In the last two years, we have focused our gender diversity effort on the recruitment of operators and tradespeople.

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This article was first published in The Fence magazine.

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