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Facial recognition of cattle

An agtech startup co-founded by CQUni alumnus Parampreet Singh has won $30 000 for its ‘Facial Recognition of Cattle’ technology, aimed at ending insurance fraud and straying cattle issues.

The MoooFarm startup won the prize in the Agriculture Insuretech Innovation Challenge organised by the World Bank Global Index Insurance Facility.

This breakthrough technology will reach each and every small-holder farmer in India via MoooFarm’s mobile-based application and its network of village-level entrepreneurs.

The Global Challenge finals took place during early July 2019 in Mumbai, India, where 21 finalists from across the globe were selected out of 106 applications.

Mr Singh graduated from a Masters of Information Systems at CQUni Melbourne in 2005, winning the Campus Director’s Award.

“The MoooFarm app collects geography-specific data for each farm, with details of breed, yield, critical events such as successful calving and heat symptoms, and also concurrence of a disease and antibiotics given,” he says.

“By leveraging data analytics, it identifies unique patterns and assists in predicting mortality rates.

“MoooFarm aims to increase the income of 75 million small dairy farmers through capacity building, last mile extension and transfer of technology.

“It also has a grant from Microsoft to develop a machine-learning platform to detect mastitis, a disease of the udder that leads to an annual loss of half a billion dollars in India each year.

“Mr Singh came to Australia as an international student and progressed to found a Perth-based RTO called the College of Innovation and Industry Skills (CIIS).

.In 2014, he was awarded a full scholarship to complete Stanford University’s Executive program on social entrepreneurship.

He has dedicated his life to impacting on entrepreneurship, with a focus on women, farmers and youth in India.

This article was first published in Leading Agriculture.

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