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Victorian retailers ready to bin old-fashioned plastic bags

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Thousands of retailers across Victoria have already made the switch to more sustainable carry bags ahead of the ban on lightweight plastic shopping bags coming into force.

The National Retail Association, which has partnered with the Victorian Government to educate business owners about the ban, praised the state’s retailers for their enthusiastic support of the policy.

NRA Chief Executive Office Dominique Lamb said most national retail brands had already switched to more sustainable options such as recycled paper or reuseable plastic, as part of an Australia-wide approach to the issue.

NRA officers have visited more than 180 metropolitan and regional locations since March 2019, engaging with over 13,000 businesses and shopping centres across the state since March 2019, to provide information and guidance on which bags were acceptable.

“We’ve also helped thousands of businesses through our Tollfree Bag Ban Hotline and our dedicated website which offers a whole suite of factsheets, posters and translated material,” Ms Lamb said.

Coupled with a digital media campaign targeted to retail business owners, the NRA is very confident retailers are ready for the change and aware of their new responsibilities.

“Overwhelmingly retailers are embracing this policy,” she said.

“We know that consumers are very supportive, and most businesses have already moved to implement more sustainable options well ahead of Friday’s deadline (November 1 2019).

“We also know from our experience in other states that both consumers and business owners will continue to develop their understanding of the new rules in the weeks and months ahead.

“And we’re confident that officials will focus their efforts on educating, rather than punishing, businesses who are still coming to terms with the new rules.”

For more information on the Victorian bag ban, retailers should visit, email, or call the NRA’s Bag Ban hotline on 1800 817 723.

Source: NRA

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