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Rumble strips a welcome improvement to roadwork safety

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SafeWork NSW welcomed the addition of a new safety measure to be introduced on roadwork sites across the state.

Transport for NSW has initiated the use of rumble strips on selected roadwork sites where the speed limit is 60 kilometres per hour or less, to help keep workers and motorists safe.

They are 20mm high, bright yellow pieces of plastic that vibrate when driven over and will alert drivers that they have entered a roadwork zone.

SafeWork NSW Executive Director Operations, Tony Williams, said the high number of vehicle related incidents on roadwork sites has prompted the need for smarter initiatives.

“With the current amount of roadwork projects and investment in NSW the more workers we have out there developing our infrastructure, the more we need to address the risks associated with construction work,” said Mr Williams.

“Many workers are seriously injured or killed when hit by moving plant, or in on-site vehicle collisions.

“Last month (October 2019) a worker sustained multiple fractures after he was struck by a vehicle when collecting warning signs at a Hornsby roadwork site.

“Rumble strips are a simple way to remind drivers and motorists that they are in a higher risk area.

“Other essential safe work systems include separating workers from moving plant and vehicles wherever possible, with physical barricades, exclusion zones and segregated work processes.

“I can’t overstate the importance of having a well thought out traffic management plan that reduces and controls any risks that cannot be eliminated.”

Rumble strips are safe to drive over, and motorists should heed signage and slow down as they approach, remaining alert to workers and hazards in the zone.

Pedestrians and cyclists will have safe, alternative paths to travel around the strips.

“Slow down and look out so we can all ensure that improving NSW infrastructure is a safe and collaborative endeavour,” Mr Williams said.

Source: SafeWork NSW

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