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Our top 10 articles for 2019


As we close in on the end of the year, it’s time to take a look at the top 10 most-read stories on the iMOVE website for 2019.

Of our top 10 articles this year, two (numbers 5 and 7) showed longevity and popularity, being featured in both this year’s list and last year’s top 10. One article was written by an outside expert, Hussein Dia, with his thought-provoking Disrupting urban mobility: trends transforming the future. And speaking of experts, at number 9 is an interview with Kate Mackay, from our series, Meet Smart Mobility Experts.

And finally, half of the list related to iMOVE projects. We’ve published details about 23 projects so far, and we have quite a few more we’re very close to having signed, sealed, and published.

Without further ado, here’s the 2019 Top 10, numbered from the tenth-most read story, down to number one.

Just a reminder that the iMOVE office closes on 20 December 2019, and re-opens on 6 January 2020. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you again in 2020!

10. Disrupting urban mobility: trends transforming the future

Professor Hussein Dia takes a long hard look at the sort of change we can expect to see in transport in the 2020s. ‘The real challenge will be to ensure that they don’t simply reinforce existing norms. This will require a shift in attitude in travel behaviour and encouraging commuters to share excess capacity in vehicles of all types.’ It’s a must-read and an excellent roundup of what (might be/should be) is ahead.


9. Kate Mackay: planning transport futures

Kate Mackay is the Technical Director of Transport Planning at Mott MacDonald, a global management, engineering and development consultancy. Kate sat down with iMOVE for an interview, in which we covered what she does in her current role, the path her career has taken, and her answers to iMOVE’s famous hypothetical questions.


8. Brisbane’s Lime scooter trial

Scooters: the biggest problem child of the new modes of transport? Now there’s a discussion! They certainly seem to grab headlines around the world, some telling a good story, some less so. Here’s a snapshot of what happened when Lime scooters were rolled out in Brisbane. A nice companion piece to this story is Lime e-scooters: a first-time rider’s experience.


7. Australian transport open data sources

This was in last year’s Top 10, and here it is again. Just as the title indicates, it’s a list of Australian transport open data sources. Plus a couple of excellent examples of transport data used well, one local, one international.


6. Integrated land use and transport modelling

The first appearance in the list of an article directly related to an iMOVE project. The overarching aim of this research will be to assemble a new modelling framework with the capacity to analyse and model population-land use and transport interactions. The case study context for this project is the South East Queensland region.


5. Mobility as a Service: does Australia want it?

Another evergreen article, appearing in both the 2018 and 2019 Top 10. This article looked at the report generated by iMOVE’s MaaS and On-Demand Transport – Consumer Research and Report project.

While we’re on the topic of MaaS, an excellent springboard into the subject is our page MaaS in Australia. It’s a compilation of all the news and articles we’ve published on MaaS, plus the projects we’ve undertaken in this exciting new branch of transport.


4. MaaS and On-Demand Transport – Consumer Research and Report

And as referred to in position #5, here’s not only iMOVE’s first MaaS project, but our first completed project.


3. National Freight Data Hub to increase efficiency and productivity

This one’s a biggies. A project commissioned by the Federal Government, in which we undertook a comprehensive analysis of the need for, and availability of, freight data in Australia. iMOVE found a highly fragmented environment in which much data is collected but its inconsistency and dispersed storage severely reduces its usefulness.

If you’re wondering why this is important, and the massive opportunity it offers to improve the bottom line of the industry and the nation, as well as address customer concerns, I highly recommend reading Where’s my box? The case for improved supply chain visibility. Now!.


2. Maas trial in Sydney

MaaS: It’s so hot right now in this top 10. Here we’ve gathered all of our MaaS-related news, articles, and projects, along with a definition of what MaaS is, and a look at its benefits. Again, MaaS. Have we reached critical MaaS in this year’s list?


1. 2019 Transport of Tomorrow conference

Insert fanfare, here it is, Number 1. This is all what happened at our inaugural Transport of Tomorrow conference – speakers, topics, interviews, slide decks … everything!

And it’s an opportune time to mention that yes, we are running Transport of Tomorrow again in 2020, in Sydney, in March, and it now has its very own standalone website. Check it out at Transport of Tomorrow, and yes, you can Register now!


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