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Costs will increase with higher landfill levies in Victoria

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“While industry supports the goals of reducing waste and developing the capacity to recycle much more than we do presently, the additional levy costs being imposed on consumers and industry are significant,” Ai Group’s Victorian Head, Tim Piper, said.

“The higher landfill levy will increase costs at a difficult time, including for businesses in the recycling industry. Raising the costs of recycling will impede the important task of raising levels of recycling in Victoria because it will make recycling less profitable for the industry.

“But given the Government’s determination to charge more for using landfill services in Victoria, it is critical that more revenue is directed to building up Victoria’s recycling industries including creating markets and enabling new technologies.

“Educating consumers and businesses to improve sorting of different waste streams will also be vital.

“Beyond this, Ai Group proposes that there should be a concerted national effort to tackle the waste dilemma and that this should include developing a rational and stable approach to charging for landfill services,” Mr Piper said.

Source: Ai Group

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