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Intersection upgrades underway for busy Airport link

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Work has commenced to ease congestion on the busy off-ramps to Perth Airport, with upgrades underway at the busy Tonkin Highway/Dunreath Drive intersection.

The works will modify the existing Tonkin Highway southbound off-ramp to provide a dedicated turn lane into Dunreath Drive, with the northbound off-ramp improved by part-time roundabout metering.

Unlike normal traffic signals, the new metering signals on the roundabout only operate when traffic builds up – at all other times normal roundabout rules apply. This creates gaps in traffic, helping to ease congestion and solve excessive queuing and delays during peak periods.

Over 14,000 vehicles use the Dunreath Drive off-ramp every day with this number expected to climb by at least 30 per cent with the opening of Perth’s first Costco in the area, later this year (2020).

Construction is now underway, with completion expected later this year (2020).

The project is jointly funded by the State Government and Perth Airport.

Source: WA Government

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