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AIMES about to get GRIDSMARTer

iMOVE partner Cubic Transportation Systems has announced that its GRIDSMART technology will be installed on the AIMES transport test bed in Melbourne later this year (2020).

AIMES is run by another of our partners, the University of Melbourne, under the leadership of Professor Majid Sarvi. Cubic and the University of Melbourne, along with VicRoads, Transport for Victoria, and the Transport Accident Commission, are working together on an iMOVE project, Data use for improved transport management and journey reliability



It’s on this project that the GRIDSMART technology is to be added. GRIDSMART is a package of cameras and software with artificial intelligence capabilities and is set up on intersections to provide omnidirectional-imaging, real-time computer vision and data.

“The GRIDSMART camera is constantly learning, so it knows not to give priority to a turning vehicle when there’s just one car waiting, but instead considers how many cars are waiting before it decides to actually start to give right turns,’ said Chris Bax, vice president of ITS global strategy, Cubic Transportation Systems.

‘It also categorises vehicles, so we can distinguish between cyclists, cars, and trucks.’

This is a timely introduction of technology to reduce risk for cyclists.

‘With the huge additional influx of bikes, pedestrians and cars, there is a significant risk of more congestion and accidents at intersections,” said Bax. ‘In order to protect cyclists and reduce congestion, cities must embrace technologies that integrate multiple sources of data to optimise efficiencies.’

The compilation of vision and data, both real-time and viewed historically, is a powerful tool for transport controllers.

‘The advanced detection system made possible through GRIDSMART allows Machine Learning control strategies to consider all modes of transport, in particular Vulnerable Road Users such as cyclists and pedestrians,’ said Professor Sarvi.

It’s expected that the GRIDSMART system will be implemented in AIMES by September 2020.

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