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What part might MaaS play in these uncertain times?

Mobility bundling

Professors David Hensher and Corrine Mulley have authored a ‘topical issues paper’, Mobility bundling and cultural tribalism – might passenger mobility plans through MaaS remain niche or are they truly scalable? It is available for download at the bottom of this iMOVE post.

The paper is fresh off the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies’ (ITLS) Hensher and Mulley laptop(s), dated 10 August 2020.

Here is the paper’s abstract:

This short note is a topical issues paper focussing on the role that mobility as service (MaaS) might play in the future with a question as to whether it can grow to become a scalable product offer in the mobility market or whether it is destined to a niche offering. We consider arguments that may enable MaaS to be more than a niche product and have a supporting business case with the key element being a move beyond multi-modality to multi-services.

MaaS is a topic in which the professors and the ITLS are well embedded in right now, being the research leads on iMOVE’s MaaS trial in Sydney project. You’ll also catch Professor Hensher going into more detail about the project, and its progress in our video, Mobility as a Service: Progress and new insights from an Australian trial. David also recently weighed in for us on transport and the pandemic more generally in David Hensher on COVID-19 and transport.

Please click the link below to download the paper.


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