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Next-generation integrated traffic control

integrated traffic control

This ambitious PhD research focuses on development of an integrated motorway and arterial traffic control.


  • Autocalibration algorithms to calibrate the motorway on-ramp and arterial signal parameters
  • Strategies to integrate motorway and arterial control by treating the entire network as one single network

The models created in this PhD project are developed and tested in an Aimsun simulation environment. An autocalibration tool and the integrated control algorithms are developed in Aimsun with an open framework that can be implemented in Transmax STREAMS through an interface for real world implementation.

The outcome of the research is to enable efficient management and control of the transport network and treating the entire network as one single network.

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Project background

QUT in collaboration with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads has earlier developed a coordinated Ramp Metering algorithm. The algorithm has been implemented in Transmax ITS platform STREAMS. This control algorithm, like any other model, has number of parameters to be calibrated.

The performance of the control algorithm is sensitive to the parameters. A badly calibrated algorithm can easily fail the control application. The first objective of this research is to develop a general framework to calibrate the control algorithm.

Currently, motorways and arterials are treated as two separate networks (politically they are managed by different agencies). For instance, motorways are managed by the state agencies, whereas arterial are managed by the local agencies. For efficient traffic management we need to treat the entire network as one single network. There is only one traffic network for the user.

In literature, separate control algorithms are developed for motorways and arterials. This research will develop new algorithm for integrated traffic network control. The focus is on ramp metering, variable speed limit and arterial intersection control.

Project objectives

  • A framework for offline calibration of traffic control algorithms
  • Development and testing of an Integrated Ramp metering and Variable Speed Limit (VSL) control
  • Development and testing of an Integrated ramp metering, VSL, and arterial control

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