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Be harvest prepared: the time is right to think about on-farm grain storage options

grain storage options

With many grain producers across NSW looking at an early and possibly bumper crop this spring, Local Land Services is offering two free webinars addressing on-farm storage options.

Some producers have not had a harvest in years, but seasonal conditions are now favourable across much of the state and many farmers are considering their options for the expected crop.

“The time is right for producers to think now about the long term and consider on-farm storage for future benefit in drier seasons,” said Local Land Services Agriculture Team Leader, Neroli Brennan.

“Feed supplies were depleted during recent dry times and we know drought will come again one day, so it makes sense to prepare for the next one,” Ms Brennan said.

“On-farm grain storage is an option to consider, but it is not always easy to do and there can be problems such as If it gets too hot and too moist, the grain quality can be diminished,” she said.

“We learnt from the last drought that properly prepared on-farm grain storage whether that be in top-of-the-line silos or pits underground, can help farmers survive the toughest of times.

“Local Land Services is offering timely, easily accessible advice, responding to what producers need to know if they are considering on-farm grain storage, so they can successfully reap the rewards.”

The free webinars are open to all NSW producers, providing direct access to two experts on types of on-farm grain storage – temporary and permanent.

Temporary options include grain bunkers, silo bags and grain pits while permanent storage involves structures such as silos and sheds.

At the two webinars, Philip Burrill from Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland will speak on topics including silo and grain hygiene, grain shed fumigation and preparation before storage.

NSW Department of Primary Industries Grains Biosecurity Officer, Bill Gordon, will advise on management during harvest to minimise risks of weeds, pests and diseases in stored grain.

Webinar 1: ‘Temporary storages – preparation & key practices for success’ is on Wednesday 16th September 2020 at 9am – 10am.

Webinar 2: ‘Silos – cone & flat bottom, plus grain sheds – key practices for success’ is on Friday 18th September 2020 at 9 am – 10 am.

To register for one or both events producers can go to and follow the links.

People who register but cannot attend at the time will be sent a direct link to a recording of the event after it is held.

Source: Local Land Services

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