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Autumn 2021: Areas of new project interest

new project interest

Our calendars tell us it is autumn, but there is a real feeling of spring in the air as we emerge from the COVID gloom. The roads are crowded, planes are flying, holidays are happening, and there is a sense of relief that the threat peak seems to have passed. People’s attention is turning to other things.

iMOVE’s role in assisting stakeholders to initiate forward-looking projects gives us a perspective on the parts of transport that are attracting new attention. We don’t see everything that is going on, but we do see a lot. We see new initiatives coming to:

  • Strengthen efforts to reduce road accidents by reducing driver misjudgment
  • Address concern about pollution from transport (particulates and carbon)
  • Create more efficient, attractive, and people-friendly urban transport environments
  • Identify opportunities for value creation (for travellers, freight operators, supply chains and the broader community) through improved real-time management of transport networks, both passenger and freight

These four themes cover the majority of iMOVE projects that are currently in formation. If you have an interest in these areas but are not involved in the current discussions, I invite you to contact us (quickly!). We hope to announce a range of new projects during this current quarter.

Adding these areas of focus will further expand our already sizeable project portfolio. We currently have 62 projects ‘on foot’, having already completed 23. We expect to spend close to $10 million on our transport R&D effort during this financial year and even more next year.

Interestingly over 50% of those projects are directed (by our participants) to the area of intelligent transport systems / connected and automated vehicles/ improved network performance. Sector stakeholders are working hard to embrace new technology and deliver better outcomes to the community. For details of active and completed projects please visit our List of projects page.

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But iMOVE and its many partners have capacity to do more. If your organisation has a project it wants to initiate please let us know and we will do our best to help you make it happen.

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