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Positive growth leads to record international visitors and spend

Results from the International Visitor Survey were released by Tourism Research Australia and show for the year ending June 2015:

  • International visitor numbers increased 7% to a high of 6.6 million visitors*
  • International visitor spend grew by 10% to a record $33.4 billion—or $3.2 billion more than the previous year. This is the strongest year-ending June growth since 2001, the period of the Sydney Olympic Games
  • Visitor nights increased 8% to 236 million
  • Leisure travel drove growth, with holiday arrivals increasing 5% to 2.9 million, and those visiting friends and relatives (VFR) up 6% to 1.8 million.

For Australia’s top 5 markets by spend, China once again led the way. Visitor numbers increased by 22% (864,000), and trip spend increased 32% ($7 billion). This accounted for around $1 in every $5 spent by international visitors. The USA recorded record growth in visitors (up 9% to 544,000) as did New Zealand (up 3% to 1.2 million). However, visitors from the United Kingdom (629,000) and Japan (297,000) remained steady.

India was one of the fastest growing markets boosted in part by Australia and New Zealand hosting the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2016. Visitors from India have reached 207,000 (up by 20%) and this moves India up three places to become our 8th largest market. Trip spend has grown by 39% and surpassed $1 billion for the first time.

“With these positive results and a growing domestic market, the Australian tourism industry is well positioned for growth and to continue making a significant contribution to the Australian economy,” said Tourism Research Australia’s Assistant General Manager, Mr Spiro Kavadias.

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