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Pick Australian grown flowers this Valentine’s Day

The Australian Made Campaign is reminding consumers about the benefits of buying Australian grown flowers this Valentine’s Day.

Millions of bunches of flowers are imported into Australia each year from all over the world, but there’s nothing like a locally grown bouquet, according to Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Ian Harrison.

The not-for-profit organisation administers and promotes the green-and-gold Australian Made, Australian Grown kangaroo logo shoppers can find on Australian flower sleeves in florists and retailers nationwide.

“Australia grows some of the most unique and beautiful flowers in the world,” Mr Harrison said.

“The Australian Made Campaign is encouraging consumers to look for the kangaroo logo this Valentine’s Day and ask their florists which Australian options are available to them.”

Many of the flowers on sale this Valentine’s Day will be travelling from as far as Africa and South America.

“Australian Grown flowers are cultivated in the local climate and typically travel less than 100km* from farm to florist, so buyers can enjoy exceptional shelf life,” Mr Harrison said.

Mr Harrison says another great reason to buy Australian Grown flowers is to support local farmers and communities.

“When it comes to purchase decisions, country of origin should always be factored in – if consumers are aware there is a choice to be made, they can make informed decisions,” Mr Harrison said.

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