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Backing Portland, boosting jobs

The Victorian Government is supporting a new skills training program at Porthaul’s Portland facility which will create 50 new jobs and safeguard another 40.

The Victorian Government’s investment will allow the delivery of an intensive in-house training program for new truck drivers which will focus on the areas of logistics, rostering, basic mechanics and advanced driver training with safety and efficiency a priority.

The Government also helped secure Porthaul’s significant investment in the development of a new transport facility which will allow the company to consolidate its four existing Portland facilities into one major transport depot.

Porthaul is a transport and civil engineering company that operates a fleet of 50 vehicles and provides both import and export services for a range of commodities including forestry products, grains, fertilisers and livestock.

The Government’s support will ensure Portland’s haulage operations remain in Portland, which was at risk of moving interstate. It will ensure the company can attract and train the appropriately qualified and experienced workforce it needs to develop and grow  its business.

It will support skills development and training of the new heavy vehicle operators at Porthaul and provide a boost to the economic output of the Portland region.

The new depot will house Porthaul’s heavy vehicle fleet, enhancing efficiency, improving productivity, providing logistical advantages and reducing costs. The facility will position Porthaul to further expand its operations at Portland and compete for additional timber transport contracts.

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