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37 years proves some principles go the distance

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For one Australian business, staying true to basic principles has led to plenty of long-term partnerships.

Moody Kiddell & Partners are a combination of cutting-edge thinking when it comes to finance, and a decidedly old-school approach to service.

Take the telephone for example. It’s become everything from a stopwatch to a video camera to a heart monitor. And still people ignore it.

Spend a little time at Moody Kiddell, and you’ll hear the mantra: “we’ll call you back” quite a bit.

It’s drummed into every new recruit because it simply means better relationships and better business.

Do they have a call centre? Well, yes, they’re the people in Moody Kiddell offices around Australia who answer the phone when they hear it ringing.

Often though, there’s an even better way to communicate, and that’s face to face.

Whether you’re an small business or a larger enterprise, Moody Kiddell offers face to face personal service.

They travel long distances to see people in their homes, at job sites or even the local McDonald’s if that’s convenient.

It might be before work starts, or well into the night. Weekends too. Because that personal touch is what makes partnerships work.

Another old-school idea is experience and getting to know the business. Moody Kiddell knows the industries they deal with like the back of their hand.

At a time when companies try to be all things to all people, Moody Kiddell just concentrates, as it always has, on getting a good deal for customers.

With their size and volume they have access to every lender and every product – even some that aren’t available to everyone.

As well as vehicle and equipment finance, Moody Kiddell can also assist with commercial and property finance.

For a no obligation discussion contact:

Nick Miller on 0429 794 871

or email: today.

This article was first published in The Fence magazine.

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