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Major step forward for world-leading Pilbara renewable energy project

Pilbara renewable energy project

A globally significant renewable energy project in the Pilbara has taken a major step forward, with State environmental approval granted for the Asian Renewable Energy Hub.

The 15GW first stage of the Asian Renewable Energy Hub, a large-scale wind and solar hybrid renewable energy project near Port Hedland, could create thousands of jobs in the Pilbara and would be one of the world’s largest renewable hydrogen projects

The approval marks a major step forward for the project, which plans to eventually expand to 26GW of renewable wind and solar generation, providing energy to service industries in the Pilbara and provide markets in Asia with green hydrogen and ammonia.

The project will create significant new manufacturing opportunities in Western Australia.

The proponent estimates up to 5,000 direct construction jobs during the 10-year project construction period, with 3,000 direct jobs created for the 50-plus year operational period.

The move follows the WA Recovery Plan initiatives to bring forward the Western Australian Renewable Hydrogen Strategy goals from 2040 to 2030, and the WA Government’s $22 million investment in developing WA’s hydrogen industry.

The development will ensure the Pilbara, and international customers are able to access competitively priced green energy.

Plans for the first stage of the project, which the WA Government granted Lead Agency Status in 2018, include 10GW of wind generation and 5GW of solar generation.

At least 3GW of the power generated is expected to be made available cheaply for Pilbara users.

The scale of the project will enable the creation of new supply chain facilities for the manufacturing and assembly of equipment for wind and solar generation and for hydrogen production, which will create new, local, high-value jobs.

Cheap, clean energy can also support new and expanded mines, downstream mineral processing, and large scale production of green hydrogen products for domestic and export markets.

Most of the project infrastructure is in the Shire of East Pilbara, with an infrastructure corridor proposed to pass through the Shire of Broome to the coast to provide an offshore export terminal.

Source: WA Government

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