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WA Government launches Boundary Power joint venture

Boundary Power joint venture

The WA Government continues to lead Australia in the deployment of standalone power systems (SPS), by launching Boundary Power – a joint venture between Horizon Power and leading power and control solutions specialist Ampcontrol.

The joint venture signifies the State Government’s next step towards building a world-class SPS industry in Western Australia. SPS is an off-the-grid electricity source that typically includes solar panels, batteries, inverters and a back-up generator.

Horizon Power was the first utility in Australia to demonstrate the commercial viability of SPS as an alternative to replacing aging poles and wires.

Working with Ampcontrol, Horizon Power deployed 17 SPS in 2019 on edge-of-grid customer properties east of Esperance, and facilitated the removal of 64km of poles and wire.

To mark today’s (February 2 2021) joint venture, Boundary Power unveiled its new, modular SPS Gen 2, which is easier to transport and install, and can be ready to export energy in just 90 minutes.

The WA Government’s $10 million investment in deploying SPS across regional WA is scheduled to kick off mid-February, with the first of 45 units installed in Esperance.

Four will be installed near Kununurra in the Kimberley, one near Karratha in the Pilbara, seven in the Mid-West region and 33 in the Goldfields-Esperance region.

This follows the recent announcement, where $17 million worth of contracts were awarded to local businesses to deploy 98 SPS throughout Western Power’s network.

Source: WA Government

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