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VIDEO: C-ITS in Australia – lessons and opportunities

Yesterday (September 29 2021) we held our latest webinar, C-ITS in Australia: What we have learnt and future opportunities, which we recorded and have embedded a copy of it further down the page of this article. In addition to catching up on the excellent presentations from the speakers, we also here offer an opportunity for you to express your interest in future C-ITS projects.

Participate in future C-ITS projects

Before getting to the speakers, their slide decks, and the video of the event, we invite interested parties to consider being involved in more project work in the area of C-ITS.

We’ve outlined six potential project ideas. Please click the button below to download this document:

Potential C-ITS Research in Parallel with Toyota Motor Corporation Australia (TMCA) Proof of Concept Testing

Having looked over the ideas, we invite you to get in touch with us with your interest, and your thoughts. Please click the button below to participate in this process:

Express your interest in potential C-ITS research

The speakers

  • Welcome and introduction: Ian Christensen – Managing Director, iMOVE Australia
  • C-ITS project outcomes: traffic efficiency and safety: Professor Majid Sarvi – Transport Professor and Director of AIMES, University of Melbourne and Dr Neema Nassir, Senior Lecturer in Transport Engineering at the Department of Infrastructure Engineering, University of Melbourne

During his presentation, Professor Sarvi spoke of his work on two iMOVE projects, Accelerating the uptake of C-ITS technologies in Australia, and Data use for improved transport management and journey reliability.

  • Outcomes from the Lexus connectivity trial: Mario Filipovic and Alex Lockie – Lexus Australia
  • Opportunities going forward: some ideas and further discussion: Dr Peter Sweatman – Transport Enterprise Professor, University of Melbourne

Webinar video

Here’s the video of the 90-minute-long event. Enjoy!

Speakers’ slide decks

The speakers have made their presentation slides available. Click the buttons below to download.

Enabling Infrastructure to Vehicle Communication for Safety Applications of Connected Vehicles in Carlton, Victoria – Initial Test

Toyota’s C-ITS Development Projects in Australia

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